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Family Owned

Speciality Coffee for Every Taste

We are a small, family-owned business company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, with a passion for coffee roasting and creating connections with coffee enthusiasts of all types. Our goal is to provide an excellent experience for coffee enthusiasts of all types and preferences, becuase what we've found is that Charlotte is a changing landscape of people who want something better and those who are looking for a local connection to their products.

Vietnamese farmers picking up coffee beans


Planting and Harvest

Sometimes the more you know the more you enjoy every bit of the sip. That's why we'd love to share with you every single phase your coffee beans have to go through, from their genesis to your doorstep.

Did you Know?

“The tropical climate and volcanic soil in Colombia are ideal for Growing Arabica Beans. This type of soil and climate allows for multiple harvests throughout the year ."
Woman Drinking Coffee
“Croastcoffee is my go-to place for fresh, delicious coffee. The beans are always roasted to perfection and the coffee tastes just awesome.”

Aleya Williams, GA

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